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Tracy Melton, focuslineart

Reclaimed wood paintings

is a full time artist based in Indianapolis, IN . He has sold thousands of paintings in the last ten years to clients all over the world.

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Freshly finished: All Reclaimed Chestnut Hepplewhite Dining Table

Working with American Chestnut, a northeastern native, is a bit of a special experience due to it’s rarity.  American Chestnut populations, which thrived for centuries, were devastated in the early 1900s due to the fungal Chestnut Blight.  Imported with Asian Chestnut wood stock, the blight is said to have nearly wiped out the estimated 4 billion tree population in a mere 40 years.  The American Chestnut Foundation explains the tree’s importance:

“The American chestnut tree was an essential component of the entire eastern US ecosystem. A late-flowering, reliable, and productive tree, unaffected by seasonal frosts, it was the single most important food source for a wide variety of wildlife from bears to birds. Rural communities depended upon the annual nut harvest as a cash crop to feed livestock. The chestnut lumber industry was a major sector of rural economies. Chestnut wood is straight-grained and easily worked, lightweight and highly rot-resistant, making it ideal for fence posts, railroad ties, barn beams and home construction, as well as for fine furniture and musical instruments.”  Continue Reading Here


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So much work to be done at a table like this. I love reclaimed tables!!

So much work to be done at a table like this. I love reclaimed tables!!

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